Under the sun of a beautiful and wild coastline you'll get a chance to enjoy your holidays...
Enchanting beaches, seabeds rich of a wide variety of fish and seaweed will make your holiday in Sardinia unforgetable

A view of Sardinia according to Bosa
If you like sea resorts with clean beaches but you also enjoy accessing services from a modern town centre capable of preserving its great historical past... then Bosa is the place you are looking for.
After a day spent on the seaside you might visit the local monuments and perhaps have a walk up to the medieval Castle of Malaspina and admire the ancient paintings on the walls of its chapel.
The old cathedral of Saint Peter and the present Cathedral of the Holy Mary have been keeping their charm in the centuries. Along the Corso you'll be able to visit a typical aristocracy house of the 17th century and the permanent exhibition from the painter Melchiorre Melis together with the Atza painting collection.
Recreation & Relax
Hang gliding , kytesurf , running, canoeing and rowing... What do you prefer?
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Under the sun of a beautiful and wild coastline you can enjoy your wonderful holidays..

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